5 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid

Here’s a glance at a number of the foremost dangerous chemicals lurking in your home — and the way you’ll be able to scale back your child’s exposure to them.
Many chemicals nowadays square measure glorious or suspected to be linked to cancer, early time of life, attention deficit upset disorder (ADHD), obesity, autism, and alternative serious health problems. “As we glance at protective children’s health, we’d like to seem not simply at nutrition, diet, and physical activity, however conjointly exposure to chemicals,” says mythical being Rano, director of presidency affairs at the Environmental working party. The Safe Chemicals Act, that passed out of committee for the primary time this year, would need chemical corporations to prove that their product square measure safe. “In the U.S., we tend to square measure a harmful selling ground for the unsafe product,” says Katy Farber, founding the father of Non-Toxic children (Non-ToxicKids.net). “Many oldsters square measure exhausted by attempting to stay up with what to avoid and what to try and do. The Safe Chemicals Act would shift the burden to wherever it belongs.” Your family does not have to be compelled to live like ascetics to reduce your children’s exposure to chemical dangers; there square measure straightforward ways to scale back contact.

Arsenic may be a famed substance that has been joined notably to skin, bladder, kidney, and respiratory organ cancers. sure foods contain organic and inorganic arsenic, and therefore the latter sometimes raises the danger of cancer and alternative health issues. each style of arsenic is found in apple and fruit crush and in rice and rice product, that are contaminated by each present arsenic and arsenic-containing pesticides that leach into the groundwater wherever it’s mature. Arsenic is found in pressure-treated wood created or factory-made before 2003, once the trade in agreement to prevent victimization arsenic-treated wood for residential functions.

How to Avoid

The Food Drug Administration (FDA) has tested apple and grape juices and determined that they'll be consumed in tiny amounts, however, pointers for Associate in Nursing arsenic threshold have nonetheless to be established. rather than juice, folks offer water, milk, and whole fruits.

shopper Reports advises folks to limit the quantity of kid rice cereal to no over one serving each day, on average, and to supply cereals that contain considerably lower arsenic levels (wheat, oatmeal, or corn grits). If you eat rice, you will be able to cut back exposure to inorganic arsenic by removal it totally before cookery, employing a quantitative relation of six cups water to 1 cup rice for cookery, and exhausting excess water. If you take away rice from your diet, the bureau advises families to consume the spread of whole grains as a part of a well-balanced diet.
Daily rice drinks for kids below age five don’t seem to be counseled. If doable, avoid rice-based foods, like rice milk and rice flour rice sweetener.
Avoid older pressure-treated wood, which could be found in sandboxes, playgrounds, swing sets, and decks. Pressure-treated wood will sometimes be known by the many short slits that turn over the surface.

“Because harmful chemicals like arsenic enter children’s bodies at such the next rate relative to their body size, it’s particularly vital to scale back their exposures,” says Sonya Lunder, senior analyst at the Environmental social unit.


Formaldehyde may be a famed substance (it has been joined to nasal epithelial cell cancer) and a skin botheration that may cause allergy-like reactions as well as watery, burning eyes and throats, stuffy noses, and skin rashes. Allergic skin rashes will occur as a result of contact with a product that contains gas, which may conjointly cause metabolic process symptoms, headache, fatigue, and nausea. it’s ordinarily used as Associate in Nursing embalming fluid, however, is additionally accustomed preserve variety of home product that contains the next concentration of urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins. It may be found in ironed wood medium density wallboard (MDF) article of furniture (used for drawer fronts, cabinets, and article of furniture tops), material wear and draperies, as a part of glues and adhesives, and in cleanup and sweetness product, as well as some brands of baby wipes.

How to Avoid

Avoid any article of furniture made from pressboard or MDF. If you are doing purchase formaldehyde-treated article of furniture, compass well before you plans to use it and air it outside or in a very well-ventilated garage or basement. Or use "exterior-grade" ironed wood products that contain a lower concentration of phenol-formaldehyde resins.
Avoid home and private care products that have these ingredients or materials: quaternium fifteen, bronopol (also written as 2-bedroom-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol), Diazolidinyl carbamide, DMDM anticonvulsant, imidazolidinyl carbamide, and metallic element hydroxymethylglycinate.


Exposure to mercury impairs medicine development, and up to date analysis has joined high levels of mercury to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. as a result of neural development happens apace in physiological condition and infancy, it’s vital to eliminate exposure wherever doable. Mercury enters the setting through pollution and industrial waste. once mercury enters the water, fish absorb it through their gills. For people, the first exposure to mercury is from overwhelming shellfish and huge, older, and predatory fish, that accumulate higher concentrations of mercury in their flesh. Older thermometers conjointly contain mercury.

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