15 incredible green tea benefits for women after 30 years

Green tea is one of the foremost prized sorts of tea within the whole world. With its low caffeine content, the drink is a superb morning nutrient for people who wish to induce AN initial boost of energy while not the vasoconstrictive rush which will occur from high-caffeine drinks like occasional or energy drinks.

Green tea is created from the leaves of the shrub plant. curiously, a constant flower is employed to form tea leaf and tea once a method of reaction and withering. this kind of tea, however, is created from the low-processed and dried shrub leaves.

This tea originally came from China wherever it unfolds through all of jap Asia collectively of the foremost prized beverages and a part of the traditions of the east. Now, folks everywhere the globe get pleasure from this glorious tea and skill the notable health advantages from drinking it.


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